Lots of tears…

Sierra has always had problems sleeping. She has been taking melatonin since age 4. We have increased, decreased, weaned, and brought back. Two nights ago, she only slept for about 3 hours before being up the rest of the night. Making yesterday a fun day. Not.

Fast forward to bedtime last night. Sierra ranks high with excuses as to why she isn’t tired or doesn’t want to go to bed. Last night was: hungry, thirsty, scared of the dark (which she isn’t), not tired, and wanting a certain blanket. With her sensory integration disorder, Sierra only sleeps with soft, microfiber blankets. In this case, she wanted her red one that she received from a friend of the family. By this time, I was done. I didn’t get much sleep the night before either and I was ready for a good night’s sleep. Her dad told her no, she didn’t need it since she was already in bed with a different microfiber blanket. Bring on the meltdown.

Once Sierra goes into meltdown mode, it is almost impossible for her to stop screaming. It doesn’t always occur, but when it does, it becomes an impossible situation. After dad decided he would give it to her, he asked her to ask politely for her blanket. I could have told him that wasn’t going to happen. But neither one knows how to back down once they say something.

I get up, because you know I am not going to get my good night’s sleep without dealing with the tears and screaming. I go into her room to try and calm her down. Finally, I lay down next to her and try to talk to her. She is so tired that she is almost whimpering. She knows that all she has to do to get her blanket is to say “please.” Do you think she will say it? Nope! She is as stubborn as her dad. As he is sitting at the end of the bed and I am laying next to her, she literally cries herself to sleep.

I know that the meltdown was mainly due to her being tired and not knowing how to handle it, but it just breaks this mommy’s heart when I can’t help her. The meltdowns and seizures are happening more and more.



Sierra isn’t having seizures, lets take her off of all seizure medications. Now we are having seizure activity, bathroom accidents, and everything else that goes with SEIZURES. A supposed Epilepsy specialist is the one who said “Sierra’s not having seizures. I don’t think she has ever had seizures.” Lady Jane, I am not sure what you are talking about since I have been around since the beginning and we just met you. Makes me mad when someone acts like a know-it-all and then they end up being 1000 times wrong. We have to go back for another 72 hour EEG in November because of all of her side effects. It hurts my heart when she gets sooo upset about her accidents. She is 8 years old and is back to wearing pull-ups at night and has to have at least 2 back up sets of clothes at school.

Did I mention we enrolled her back into public school? If she was still being home-schooled, it wouldn’t be so bad (maybe). But she was so embarrassed that she would sit in wet pants instead of saying something. I stopped that fast! After speaking with the teacher and school psychologist, she now has a way to let the teacher know without the whole class being informed. It has done well for a few weeks, but a little boy mentioned it this past week and now she is embarrassed again. Luckily, this week is fall break and we can start fresh next week.